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We are committed to acting as a long-term partner for our customers. In our specialty areas, we take over general responsibility for the success of the initiatives that our customers launch.

To develop customer-oriented solutions, we combine consulting services using software from SAP, EPO Consulting and OpenText with application management. Our success is based on our proven industry competence, our process-related know-how, our expertise regarding SAP and OpenText software and our social skills. On a daily basis, our staff applies all of the above to the benefit of our customers.





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EPO VAT ID Number Validation for SAP – Security Regarding the Value-Added Tax


VAT numbers can be invalid or can be subject to change or deletion. Ultimately, the company itself bears the risk of a VAT back-payment charge in the event that there is something incorrect about the business partner or the business partner’s VAT identification number. Therefore, it is essential to check their validity within SAP online …

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