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EPO VAT ID Number Validation for SAP – Security Regarding the Value-Added Tax

Online verification of business partners' VAT ID numbers within SAP ERP and SAP CRM

The EU's VAT ID Number Validation Procedure

The VAT (value-added tax) exemption for deliveries of goods to other EU countries requires that the company supplying goods to a customer checks the recipient company's VAT identification number. In order that companies can be sure of the validity of the VAT number of a customer or supplier within the EU, the authorities have introduced the so-called confirmation procedure.

Ultimately, the company itself bears the risk of a VAT back-payment charge in the event that there is something incorrect about the business partner or the business partner's VAT identification number.

In order to be sure that the business partner's VAT ID number is actually valid at the time of invoicing, it is advisable to check its validity online by accessing the relevant servers and online services of local government or EU authorities.

For this purpose, B&IT provides the EPO VAT ID Number Validation software, which is integrated online with the following authorities:

  • Germany: Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (BZSt.)
  • Austria: Bundesministerium für Finanzen (BMF, FinanzOnline)
  • EU: VIES database, MIAS service

EPO VAT ID Number Validation for SAP – Features, Added Value

Basic function: Simple execution and audit-proof administration of VAT ID number checks, focusing exclusively on whether a VAT identification number exists and is currently valid.


Additional Functions:

  • The VAT ID number can be validated with no master-data record in place. From this check, a master-data record (vendor or customer) can be created.
  • It is also possible to check for duplicate data records, in cases of identical VAT ID numbers.
  • The VAT ID number validation function can also be applied to checking business-partner addresses via the VAT ID web service.
  • Vendor and customer master-data records without VAT ID numbers or master-data records with address discrepancies can be flagged as "checked and accepted".
  • In every SAP transaction, the status of a VAT ID number can be accessed by activating the F1 help function.
  • The VAT ID number validation can be integrated easily into the invoice-receipt process. This function is initiated via web service or RFC. In both cases, the recording takes place centrally in the VAT ID number validation logbook within SAP ERP.

More Features of the EPO VAT ID Number Validation

  • Simple validation of customers' and vendors' VAT ID numbers directly in SAP ERP
  • Clear display of results in the VAT ID logbook
  • Features such as VAT ID check, audit log, master-data maintenance and display of accounting documents
  • Mass-data and background processing for all functions
  • Check of all creditors with incoming invoices within a selected time period
  • Display of all audit documents, thus enabling easy scrolling. This facilitates quick detection during VAT audits
  • F1 help function for VAT ID number validation, e.g., of vendor master data, in the context of invoice creation and regarding VAT ID numbers of one-time accounts. This can be activated via a simple customizing table.
  • Renewed or initial check of creditors' or debitors' VAT ID numbers from any SAP standard transaction screen. The relevant recording is done centrally in the VAT ID logbook.
  • Archive integration
  • Easy integration into SAP standard transactions, e.g., FK02 and MIRO

The EPO VAT ID Number Validation for SAP ERP as a Software Product

  • This software was developed as a web-service application and is integrated into SAP ERP and SAP CRM by using the SAP-certified and market-proven EPO Connector. The relevant software was developed exclusively in EPO's namespace / EPO1.
  • This solution is available for all current SAP release and patch levels including SAP S/4 HANA.
  • For many years, there has been an SAP ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partnership.
  • Since 2005, SAP has continuously re-certified the EPO Connector software. In 2014, SAP granted certification for SAP on HANA.



Here you find our brochure EPO VAT ID Number Validation.