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Mobile Inventory Counting with Tablets

HTML5 Apps for Materials and Warehouse Management (SAP ERP MM/WM)

B&IT's mobile inventory-counting solution for tablets or iPads relies on state-of-the-art IT technology (HTML5, JSON, JavaScript)and is seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP. It can be operated in both an online and an offline mode.

It supports the user with stocktaking in the context of inventory management (SAP MM) as well as warehouse management (SAP WM).

The three process steps inventory count, inventory recount and evaluation of inventory differences can be merged and therefore executed in a single step.

The inventory-count documents are created electronically and both managed and assigned within SAP ERP with no paperwork involved. In order to comply with legal requirements, the counted results can be printed afterwards on paper.

Stocktaking Procedure on a Tablet

The user has access to the SAP MM or WM counting list on his/her tablet. On site, the storage location or storage bin and then the item barcode are scanned or entered manually. The relevant material data are displayed on the tablet, and the user is prompted to enter the corresponding inventory quantities.

These can be entered manually by the user or recorded by scanning another barcode. As soon as all the storage spaces and stock have been recorded, the data are transmitted to SAP ERP.

Standard Features

  • Online and offline inventory counting using tablet/iPad with full integration into SAP ERP (MM/WM)
  • User login on the tablet / Access to the main menu
  • Easy-to-use platform that supports easy recording of counted quantities
  • Mobile data capturing via user dialogue or scan
  • Count lists with information on material or item number and storage location or bin that are downloaded from SAP ERP
  • Validity checks and field validations of user input and barcode scans on the tablet
  • Integration of commercially available barcode-scanning apps
  • Capabilities to search for item data across all inventory documents
  • Easy-to-use material searches in SAP ERP, which look and feel like Internet search engines(e.g., type ahead). Additional feature: Smart search for SAP long texts
  • A solution that supports both a "local" stocktaking procedure, where the warehouse worker can select a storage bin for item counting on site and then scan the relevant material, and a centrally controlled inventory method, where the clerk receives a work list on the tablet with the items to be counted in a predefined and optimized sequence


Supported Business Processes

  • Stocktaking at storage locations (SAP MM) and storage bins (SAP WM)
  • Assignment of inventory documents to staff members
  • Synchronization of stocktaking procedures on the tablet
  • Capturing of item counts on the tablet
  • Posting of the captured data in SAP ERP as soon as they have been received from the mobile device


  • Substantial increase in efficiency of inventory taking and control
  • Because of the paperless distribution and capturing of stocktaking results and their direct postings in SAP ERP, no duplication of data collection. Thus false entries in paper lists, typos or transmission errors are avoided
  • Time savings through paperless work procedures – substantial reduction of search time
  • Excellent profitability – possible return on investment within the actual fiscal year
  • Additional Advantages of Stocktaking on the Tablet
  • Transparent allocation of stocktaking tasks: The inventory documents are distributed to the relevant staff member in a simple and clear way. The direct access to up-to-date stock data helps to eliminate information gaps
  • Simple overview of the inventory status, thanks to display of the status and results of all relevant inventory documents in the disposition-overview screen
  • Self-explanatory user interface on the tablet – minimal training required
  • A solution that is independent from terminal devices and smartphone operating systems and which runs on Android, iOS and Windows (Mobile), among others
  • Easy integration of SAP Z-type structures and transactions (add-ons)



Here you find our brochure for mobile inventory counting.