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Mobile Maintenance Apps for Tablets

HTML5 apps integrated into SAP PM – Best flexibility and performance

Nowadays, most maintenance departments are caught between budget and cost pressures on the one hand and increasing business requirements (e.g., regarding the availability of production plants and assets) on the other hand. In order to increase the performance capacity and efficiency of maintenance operations, appropriate processes and systems as well as an adequately structured data management are needed. In addition, the managed machines and equipment are spatially distributed across the factory and most maintenance measures executed on site. Here B&IT's mobile maintenance solutions and apps, which are tightly integrated into SAP, open up new ways to achieve lean maintenance procedures.

Key Features

  • Extremely user-friendly experience with seamless SAP integration. The tablet can also be used to access machine data, technical documentation and the spare-parts catalog of the equipment supplier.
  • End-to-end maintenance process without media breaks: The maintenance technician takes up his/her tablet when the shift begins and can trigger the transfer of all kinds of data, e.g., new orders or completed confirmations, at any time.
  • A suitable work list is displayed on the tablet. Through corresponding search functions or resulting list displays,the relevant maintenance order can be selected, displayed and, when necessary, changed.
  • In addition, confirmations can be displayed or keyed in by the technician. In the case of an error, they can be cancelled on the tablet after stating the reason – so long as they haven't been transferred yet to SAP.
  • Since the technician can start the data synchronization as soon as his/her tablet has Internet or WLAN access, the confirmations in the SAP system are up-to-date. This enables and improves the overall transparency, especially in resource planning.

Benefits from HTML5 apps for SAP ERP

  • The B&IT solution "Mobile Maintenance Apps for Tablets" is built in a very flexible and open way and therefore can be adapted and extended easily. As part of a project solution with customer-related adjustments, the set of standard apps delivered by B&IT can be extended, e.g., by an additional shift report. The same applies for the integration of existing SAP Z-type structures and transactions (add-ons).
  • Third-party apps can be easily integrated as well. Furthermore, customers and external development partners also can introduce functional enhancements on their own.
  • Cost savings are achieved both by using standard tablets and smartphones, which replace expensive industry-specific mobile devices, and through low software-license fees.
  • Project duration: approximately 3 months

Basic package "Mobile Maintenance Apps for Tablets"

Functional scope of the basic package (Mobile Maintenance Apps for SAP PM):

  • Standard software that runs on the operating systems iOS, Android or Windows (mobile)
  • User login via SAP user
  • Main menu
  • Online or offline synchronization
  • Relevant work list displayed on the tablet PC
  • Order change, order view
  • Confirmations by the technician (e.g., times spent, error codes): creation, view, delete
  • Integration into an SAP PM standard setup (cf. SAP IDES)
  • A solution based on the EPO Connector for apps, which provides the basis for the integration into the maintenance module of SAP ERP


Options (standard apps):

The following B&IT standard apps are available for the "Mobile Maintenance Apps for SAP PM":

  • Create,edit or view a PM notification
  • Order search or identification of the order number by reading a barcode with a scanner app
  • Notification of used parts (goods receipt). SAP integration via SAP Workflow
  • Easy-to-use spare-parts searches in SAP ERP, which look and feel like Internet search engines (e.g., type ahead). Additional feature: Smart search for SAP long texts
  • Shift report
  • Stock overview

Both the basic module and the above-mentioned options are offered as standard software products. As complementary services, B&IT offers software maintenance and application support. In addition, B&IT designs and implements project solutions tailored to customer specifications.



Here you find our maintenance brochure with the tablet PC.