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Mobile Maintenance Apps

Minibox Mobile Maintenance Tablet SAP PM EN

Empower your technicians with everything they need to efficiently inspect, maintain and repair assets on site … Read more >

Mobile Inventory Counting

Minibox Inventory Counting SAP mm WM Tablet EN

Find out how our mobile application for online/offline inventory counting makes your life easier by saving time and effort … Read more >

Smart Search for SAP ERP

Minibox Suche SAP Kunde Lieferant Material

Learn more about how our smart long-text search for SAP ERP provides the basis for solutions and for knowledge management – and all at a reasonable cost …

HTML5 Apps for SAP ERP

Minibox SAP basierte Apps Smartphones

You can use our HTML5 apps, e.g., to capture photos or videos and upload documents on your tablet or iPad with reference to SAP data objects– in both online and offline modes …

EPO Connector for SAP Interfaces

Minibox EPO Connector for SAP Interfaces

Extend the reach of your SAP ERP system: Use our SAP HANA certified software to integrate third-party applications seamlessly and efficiently … Read more >

EPO VAT ID Number Validation

Minibox EPO UID Check SAP ERP Umsatzsteuer

VAT numbers can be invalid or can be subject to change or deletion. Therefore, it is essential to check their validity within SAP online … Read more >