Because of its consultants’ comprehensive industry and process expertise, B&IT is able to provide solutions and SAP add-ons that allow customers to achieve quickly measurable benefits by, for example, extending the existing SAP system. In a rapid and professional way, B&IT solutions thus contribute to the optimization or automation of business processes.

Here, B&IT applies its special expertise in SAP DIMP and SAP Mill and in variant configuration (SAP VC).


Mill / Metals

Minibox Mill Metals SAP DIMP

With the right SAP setup for mill products, you can substantially improve your operations’ performance …

Sales / Logistics

Minibox Vertrieb Logistik Kunde

It’s vital that you have appropriate processes in place to deal with the growing complexity of customer demands …

Production / Quality Management

Minibox Produktion Qualitaet

Streamline your supply chain to gain more visibility in – and control of – your logistics and production processes …

Service / Maintenance

Minibox Service Instandhaltung

As a consequence of today’s digital transformation, current customer-service models must be reassessed to follow shifts in customer behavior …

HTML5 Apps for SAP ERP

Minibox SAP basierte Apps Smartphones

Leverage existing SAP backend processes to deliver attractive, easy-to-use HTML5 apps that allow your users to complete tasks quickly – anywhere and on any device … Read more >

Mobile Solutions

Minibox Mobile Lsung ITSmobile

If you intend to run a Dynpro-based application on a mobile device with customer-tailored screens, we can offer you important insights …