Business and IT Consulting GmbH


The customer

Generally our customers' industry sector is characterised by capital-intensive investment. The continual improvement and optimisation of the deployed resources have top priority. Our customers' companies have a high automation level. In many cases they process business transactions in heterogeneous IT system landscapes. Mostly the added value will be increased by including state-of-the-art information technology. The business trends of specialising and global orientation are factors of success for our customer. They are specialists in their industry and demand adequate and accurate knowledge – even from the IT branch.

The employees

B&IT employees are at home at our customers' sites. They speak the language of our customers and don't have to be advised in special requirements. Their branch expertises increase the added value for our customers and their customers. Our employees support your entrepreneurial thinking and action.

The B&IT Company

Our expert knowledge helps our customers to increase their productivity and to ensure the competitive advantage of your company. However, business functions are only conditionally displayed in standard software. Our branch competence enables us to implement most parts with standard software; on the other hand we can set up and upgrade company-specific solutions based on best-practise appendages. We are the integrator connecting business applications cross systems safely and reliably.