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EPO Connector for SAP Interfaces

Stable SAP integration at the touch of a button – monitoring included

Using state-of-the-art technology, we simplify SAP integration substantially and at the same time reduce costs. Our EPO Connector is suitable for handling all kinds of integration technologies. This versatile software tool supports real web services as well as classic file transfers.


  • Simplified integration architecture
  • Direct XML or JSON integration with SAP
  • Visible data-communication layer

Cost advantages

  • No middleware server/software required
  • Faster implementation of integrations
  • Lower maintenance costs for all SAP integrations
  • Lowering of total cost of ownership (TCO) of SAP NetWeaver

Intelligent solution

  • Use of your existing SAP system
  • 100% use of ABAP (no Java required)
  • Easy monitoring through central data input and output

The possibilities of process improvements

By using the EPO Connector there is a clear separation between the SAP backend system and the related third party system / portal, etc.. This unbundling is a crucial advantage of this SOA solution.


SAP HANA Certification

Since 2005 the EPO Connector has been successfully re-certified every 2-3 years for the latest SAP ERP and SAP CRM releases. In 2014 the EPO Connector obtained the certification for SAP on HANA. This leads to entirely new solution scenarios for real time business processes.

The SAP HANA certification also provides license related benefits to our customers: In the case of the requirement for additional user licenses there is the option to purchase the needed SAP PUL-Licenses (Platform User License) at economic prices.


The EPO Connector can do far more than covering all kind of SAP integration requirements. It enables the design of innovative IT solutions. Below you find some examples for solutions that are used in daily business by our customers.

Partner solutions

  • Invaris OMS Connector for SAP: Document composition and output management system with close integration to SAP ERP and SAP CRM
  • smahrt-ELM Connector: Direct messaging of Swissdec payroll data (SAP ELM) with Web Service Security (WSS) applied

EPO solutions (standard software)

  • EPO Connector for SAP-Interfaces
  • EPO Search – The flexible search engine for both long text and short text within SAP ERP
  • EPO architecture for HTM5 apps for SAP ERP
  • EPO VAT ID Validation (Online)


The EPO Connector as ABAP based standard software

  • The EPO Connector is an ABAP based standard software that covers all kind of SAP integration purposes. It has been completely developed within the ABAP environment by using open IT standards such as XML, JSON und XSLT. All integration features are therefore seamlessly embedded in SAP ABAP system such as SAP ERP and SAP CRM
  • XML web services with WSDL and XSD
  • JSON web services
  • Central functionalities: Upon user command SAP function modules are being deployed as web services both in XML format and JSON format.

SAP Inbound: Calling SAP or file transfers into SAP from outside

  • EPO Runtime GFMC (Generic Function Module Call): Automatic deployment of each SAP function as a web service (WSDL & XSD oder JSON) auf Knopfdruck.
  • EPO File Runtime: Monitored file transfer (upload) into SAP etc.

SAP Outbound: Sending SAP data

EPO Client:

  • SAP function module for sending SAP data that may be applied easily and anywhere in the ABAP environment
  • Call of external web services
  • Download of files in XML, CSV, JSON and other data formats o Sending of structured e-mails with attachments

SAP Client:

Extension of the SAP Proxy by monitoring functions and re-processing capabilities. Existing web services can be enhanced for monitoring purposes.

Middleware Functions

  • Monitoring: All transactions can be stored. Therefore, they can be analyzed, corrected and re-processed later-on. Messages are issued via mail in the case of events or periodically
  • Reporting: Amount of transactions per service, per status within a period of time
  • Guaranteed delivery and re-processing
  • Archiving of transaction data


Here you find our brochure EPO connector for SAP interfaces.